Pay Your Bill

We have a few ways you can pay


At hunters window cleaning services we’re all about making life easier for our customers.

One way of doing this is making it much easier to pay. Rather than having to ensure you have cash when we visit or sending bank transfers each time we clean, we now offer automated online payments, via Direct Debit.

GoCardless is a Bacs approved Direct Debit bureau that allows you to set up payments to be taken automatically whenever we finish cleaning your windows. They work with over 40,000 business across the UK including Thomas Cook, The Financial Times and Virgin.

All you need to do is enter your details securely online via the GoCardless button below and that’s it – your payments can be processed automatically after we have cleaned your windows. You will be notified before each payment is taken, and we’ll only take a payment if a job has been completed.

To pay please click the pay with GoCardless button below and then you will be directed to the secure GoCardless direct debit payments page where you can fill in your information securely and set up your direct debit.

We will only ever request the payment after we have cleaned your windows.
Payments are taken from your account within 3 – 5 days after we request it.
You will get an email from GoCardless telling you when the payment will leave your account.

If for any reason we are unable to clean your windows we simply don’t request payment, meaning you don’t pay.

As with any direct debit you are covered by the direct debit guarantee and you can cancel the Direct Debit any time at your bank.


If you are home at the time of your clean and wish to pay by cash that is fine, if you are not going to be home please let us know when is a good time to come and collect just this will save yours and our time.

A few of our customers leave cash in a secure place for us.


Every time we do a clean we post a card saying we have been this card contains our bank info on it and also the date of your next clean!