About Our Company

Hunters Window Cleaning Service offer a professional, regular and reliable window cleaning to residential and commercial customers.

We use PURE WATER with a WATER-FED POLE system to ensure the best results.

Weather you are a one off customer or a regular customer you’ll be treat no different and whichever service you choose with us will be completed to a high a standard, if you’re not happy we’ll come back and re-do the work for free of charge that’s how confident we are you’ll love our services!


Pure Water is water which has been purified through a variety of filters to ensure it removes all chemicals.


A water-fed pole is a telescopic pole which enables us to easily access heights without the use of a ladder and clean windows and other things for e.g fascias. The water-fed pole system works by pure water being pushed through the system and up the pole. The water-fed pole is complete with a brush hard enough to scrub any dirt off your windows but it WON’T leave any scratches.